Fremont, CA

Fremont, California

Fremont is a place that thrives on creativity and problem-solving. It’s come a long way since its agricultural founding in 1956. A merger of five smaller communities (Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs) Fremont boasts excellent schools, a wide range of residential housing options, and a terrific quality of life.

Not only that, while Newsweek voted Fremont one of America’s most inventive cities, Wall Street 24/7 reported it is the only Bay Area city to crack the top ten “best-run city in the US” list. All that while also offering beautiful parks, recreational amenities (Lake Elizabeth/Central Park, Ardenwood Historic Farm and historic treasures such as Niles and Mission San José) and a culturally diverse and educated population – one out of a hundred residents holds a patent.

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